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Prices excl. VAT

  • Berlin Airport BER - Berlin Center/City           from € 109.00

  • Potsdam - Berlin Center/City                                  from €  99.00

  • Schönhagen Airport - Berlin Center/ City          from € 109.00

  • Schönhagen Airport - Potsdam Center/City     from €  99.00

  • Hourly rate (min 3h)                                                     from  €65.00

  • Daily rate (8h/ incl. 200 km                                         from& nex ; €520.00

  • Wedding trips

       (including vehicle decorations + drinks)                           from €249.00

  • Personal protection unarmed pro/h                            upon request

  • Personal protection armed pro/h                                upon request

Calculating each trip is simple and straightforward. A city tour is simply calculated based on the hourly price. If you only want to be chauffeured to your desired destination, the fare is calculated based on the kilometer driven.

Your driver is included in all booked services and you will not be charged extra for a waiting time of 30 minutes. Parking fees and on-road charges (such as tolls) are also included in the price

Our limousines are excellently equipped and perfectly maintained vehicles in a class of their own. Of course, our vehicles are freshly cleaned before your journey. Enjoy the drinks offered on board while you sit back, relax, enjoy the massage and stretch your legs. Of course, there is also enough legroom.

Optionally, you can even use a free internet connection during your journey. Our professional, discreet and friendly chauffeurs have more to offer than just excellent driving style. Check-in assistance at hotels or at the airport is also available. The personalized name tag rounds off the exclusive service. These services, included in the price, allow you to travel luxuriously with a high level of comfort.


For example, if you drive through Berlin for three hours, we have several price ranges on offer. The standard tariff with the 7 Series BMW costs 65.00 euros per hour. If you travel for three hours, you pay: 3 hours x 65.00 euros = 195.00 euros. In the business tariff with the Mercedes V-Class it is 75.00 euros per hour.

The same applies to trips to certain places or cities. Here we charge per kilometer driven. The kilometer price of the respective tariff is multiplied by the kilometers driven. Common prices are neither exceeded nor undercut.

Kilometer price x tariff price = final price

If you drive from BER Schönefeld Airport to Berlin Central Station, the distance plus travel is a total of 65 kilometers. The kilometer price in the VIP tariff  with the 7 Series BMW is 1.80 euros.

65 kilometers x 1.80 euros result in a final price of 117.00 euros.

The business tariff with the Mercedes V-Class/8 seater  1.95 euros per kilometer will be charged. This example can be used for trips to all cities such as Leipzig.

You can also calculate a trip to the trade fair, events or other airports. We would be happy to make you an individual offer.

Do you not only travel by private jet, but are you also interested in having a private chauffeur? With us you can easily combine exclusive travel in the air and on the roads. Our chauffeur will take you to the GAT (General Aviation Terminal) and a pick-up from the GAT by our first-class chauffeur service will of course be on time, in style and absolutely comfortable for you. Book your all-round service transfer, for pick-up or as an over-punctual Airport Express, easily and at short notice.

Chauffeur and limousine service Stölzel, Berlin-Brandenburg, airport transfer, business trips, shuttle service, city tours, wedding limousine, personal protection
Chauffeur and limousine service Stölzel, Berlin-Brandenburg, airport transfer, business trips, shuttle service, city tours, wedding limousine, personal protection
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